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“Welcome to Xsalesfy, your sales outsource ally in amplifying your B2B sales revenue. We recognize that your primary business requires your complete focus and proficiency. This is where our role becomes pivotal. At Xsalesfy, our specialty lies in amplifying  B2B sales growth, enabling you to concentrate on your foremost competency – managing your enterprise. Our team of committed professionals possesses an abundance of experience and acumen in sales strategies and methodologies. We utilize this expertise to assist you in realizing your business’s utmost potential and accomplishing your sales goals. We infuse the ‘X Factor’ into your journey.”

Developing distinctive strategies that foster your business expansion

Our approach is simple yet effective. We take the time to understand your business, your products or services, and your market. This allows us to tailor a sales strategy that aligns with your business goals and targets the right audience.

What we do

SAAS Start Up

We understand the journey of a start up like no other. We understand the vision and the thought process behind it. If you are a SAAS startup and sales is alien to you then we are here to help you . We will be your revenue engine while you focus on product development . Just set your vision and we will help you take off.

Social Media

Social Media Plays important part in creating traction. We at Xsalesfy have right kind of resources to advice and execute social media strategy for the brand we work with. Our able team is supported by copywriters and digital marketing experts to create right kind of social media campaigns to achieve the appropriate sales volume.

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Lead Generation

Xsalesfy has adopted and perfected tools, technology, system & Processes to acquire the right kind of targeted leads and convert them into sales for its customers. 

Sales Outsourcing

Sales is part of our DNA and we go all the way to help in client acquisition and achieve the sales numbers. Specially for startups who may have technical expertise but not enough sales muscle. We are great fit for them where we take care of all the things related to sales. Basically our team becomes your team and act on your behalf. 

Sales Consultation

Xsalesfy leadership team headed by Mr Sanjeev Sood has over 3 decades of rich experience in  sales, marketing, business setup ,business development, business scale-up , & strategy . He advises companies on Sales Process Optimisation to achieve better ROI . 


Meet the people behind our success

Shagun Sharma

C0-Founder & Lead generation expert



C0-Founder & Lead generation expert


“We can rely on what the team is doing and do our job without wasting time.”

Vishal Goyal

Principal Creative Director, Comdez


“Xsalesfy team took a very smart approach to ensuring our sales success. They got to know our business on a deep level and worked with us to develop a plan to ensure we are truly prepared to hit the ground running..”

Pranjal Katara

Founder & CEO Proxbotics Creations Technologies


“I am impressed with Xsalesfy ability to identify and reach the right decision-makers and individual targets.”

Abhishek Bansal

Co founder & CEO Shadowfax


“Their communication was always on point. Also, they didn’t hold back their knowledge..”

Antonio Santana

Founder ,Condor Agecy

What our clients have to say

They believe in us

Do you want to boost your business today?

We continuously monitor and adjust our strategies based on real time response and fine tune it. This ensures that your sales revenue keeps growing, even in the face of changing market conditions.

So, let us handle your sales while you concentrate on your core business. With Xsalesfy by your side, you can rest assured that your sales revenue is in capable hands.

Join us at Xsalesfy, and together, let’s take your business to new heights!

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