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Social Media

“Social media serves as a crucial catalyst in driving engagement. At Xsalesfy, we possess the necessary resources to guide and implement effective social media strategies for the brands we collaborate with. Our competent team, bolstered by skilled copywriters and digital marketing specialists, crafts targeted social media campaigns to reach the desired sales volume.”

Lead Generation

“Xsalesfy has mastered the use of tools, technology, systems, and processes to identify targeted leads and successfully convert them into sales for our clients.”

Sales Outsourcing

“Sales is ingrained in our ethos, and we are committed to aiding in client acquisition and reaching sales targets. This is particularly beneficial for startups that may have technical proficiency but lack sufficient sales strength. We are an excellent match for such businesses, as we handle all sales-related aspects. Essentially, our team integrates with yours and operates as your representative.”


“The senior team at Xsalesfy possesses the necessary expertise and boasts over five decades of extensive experience in sales, marketing, business development, business scaling, lead generation, and strategy. We meticulously plan the entire sales strategy to establish a strong sales pipeline. In essence, we leave no stone unturned.”

Increase Sales

The basic premise of client engaging us is that they want to increase the sales revenue over multiple time and we never let them down , Infect we exceed the targets.

The ROI expert

Ultimately it all boils down the ROI. What we spend and we get in end. And our ROI is 10 X to be minimum on each of our already completed assignments.

Best practices

We try to use our best practices in implementing sales strategies. So that there is no wastage in terms of time or opportunity and do the best what we can do.

Ask us anything

You share the ICP (ideal Customer profile ) and we prospect, engage & close the customer deal on your behalf.

Our model is retainer plus success fee. Based on the scope of the work we finalize the financials

We employ employees with diverse background who has extensive tech know how plus people with domain knowledge.

We understand the process and marketing techniques and your team knows the product . Your team comes at time of closure.

Technology is an ever expanding domain and one has to be updated regularly with latest tools and technologies. So we invest heavily in the technology assets to bring results. 

We have served our customers across diverse ,geographies namely USA,CANADA, EUROPE plus other countries.

Do you want to boost your business today?

If answer is yes then schedule an appointment with our team for an assessment and see if there is good work fit. Remember we are choosy and take only that project in which we feel we can do our best. 

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